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The Smooth Filtered Shower Head

How does tap water harm my skin?

Facial skin is extra delicate compared to skin on other parts of your body. Think of your skin barrier as a guard against external harm. However, tap water contains elements that can weaken this barrier, resulting in:

-Dry and Damaged Skin:Tap water often strips essential oils from your skin, leaving it parched and harmed.
-Skin Irritation: This water can also irritate your skin, leading to sensitivity and redness.
-Premature Aging:Chemicals present in tap water can hasten the aging process, contributing to wrinkles and fine lines.

How does tap water harm my hair?

Hair is particularly vulnerable to the harsh effects of hard water. The minerals and elements in tap water can compromise your hair's health, leading to several issues:

-Dry and Brittle Hair: Hard water can strip away natural moisture and oils from your hair, leaving it dry and brittle.
-Weakened Hair Strands: Continuous exposure to hard water can weaken your hair strands, making them prone to breakage and thinning.
-Dullness and Faded Color: Minerals in hard water can build up on your hair, causing it to lose its shine and color, and can even affect dyed hair, making the color fade faster.

What does it filter in the water

The Smooth water filter employs a combination of physical and chemical filtration methods to eliminate elements commonly found in "hard" tap water, such as calcium, magnesium, and chlorine, which are known to irritate the skin.

Where can I buy replacement filters?

How often do I need to replace my filter?

Will it fit my faucet?

What’s the difference between ‘hard water’ and ‘soft water’?

Nature's Purest Touch with Every Shower!

At Smooth We’re not just selling a shower head; we’re offering a path to a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. With SMOOTH, your daily shower becomes a sanctuary of wellness and a step towards a greener world.

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Our mission is to make hygienic water more accessible for anyone in need.

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What skin & hair types can benefit from Smooth?

Suitable for all skin and hair types!

Particularly beneficial for those with sensitive skin, signs of premature aging, dryness, acn.

As well as for every hair texture, from straight to curly, and fine to thick.

Where can I buy replacement filters?

You can buy replacement filters on our website for three months of fresh, purified water. For added convenience, we also provide subscription options to make your experience easier and more seamless.

How often do I need to replace my filter?

To keep your skin and hair in top condition, it's important to replace your Smooth Showerhead filter every three months with regular use.

After this period, the filter's effectiveness begins to diminish. Since we all shower daily, regularly updating your filter is key to maintaining the health and appearance of your skin and hair.

Will it fit my shower?

The Smooth Filtered Showerhead is built to be universal! It’s compatible with almost every Showerhead.

What’s the difference between ‘hard water’ and ‘soft water’?

Hard water is rich in dissolved minerals, particularly calcium and magnesium. In contrast, soft water has undergone treatment, leaving sodium as the primary ion. Originally, rainwater is soft, but as it travels through soil and waterways, it accumulates minerals like chalk, lime, calcium, and magnesium, turning into hard water.

This type of water is often responsible for spotted dishes, dull-looking clothes, and residue in bathrooms. Furthermore, the effectiveness of soap and cleansers diminishes with hard water. This is due to its interaction with calcium and magnesium, which reduces the soap's ability to lather, leaving hair feeling sticky and appearing lackluster.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping Time

Smooth Shipping, Worldwide. We're excited to bring our products to you, wherever you are.

United States: 5-9 Business days
Australia: 4-10 Business days
New Zealand: 4-10 Business days
Canada - 5-10 business days
Europe - 6-10 business days
Other countries - 8-15 business days

Processing Times

The order processing time might take up to 3 days. Processing includes checking, packing, and sending your orders to the post office. After all these procedures, the tracking number will be provided to you.

How Can I Get My Tracking Number?

Tracking information is available within 1-3 days. Tracking details will be supplied once the orders have been shipped. You will get an email shipping confirmation with the tracking number. If you did not receive any message from us, please contact our support team on the contact us page or leave a message on the online chat.

Our 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We are confident that you'll fall in love with your new Smooth , which is why we offer a 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee!

Payment and Others

What Methods of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept Paypal, Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express)

What Is Your Return Policy?

If there’s something wrong with your order (defective product, incorrect order, damaged order etc.), please contact us within 60 days from receiving your order and we’ll be happy to assist you reviewing the case and if it is approved we will be sending a replacement. Please do not return anything before we review the case, our customer service team will review the request and will send further instructions.

How Do I Cancel An Order?

We are only able to cancel orders within the first 24 hours after the order is placed. After that the order has most likely been processed and is preparing for shipment or has been shipped. Once this takes effect, it's out of our hands. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we pride ourselves on prompt service and this includes getting your orders out as fast as possible.

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