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Filter Replacement For Smooth™ ShowerHead

Filter Replacement For Smooth™ ShowerHead

If you’re tired of dry skin and sensitivity, damaged dry hair or change in hair color — our Filtered Shower Head is for you!

Guarantees softer, more radiant and healthier skin & hair.

Removing 99.9% of Chlorines, Heavy metals and other contaminants.

Universal USA fit and EASY to install for life time benefits.

Boosts Water pressure by 2.5X and reduce water usage by 25%.

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Free Shipping

60-Nights Trial

60 Days Free Trial

Easy Returns

Easy Returns

How It Works

Every Shower is a Step Towards Healthier Skin and Hair. At Smooth, we understand the unseen dangers of your daily shower. Your skin absorbs the equivalent of 9 glasses of unfiltered, chemical-laden water every time you shower. With tap water often containing higher chlorine levels than swimming pools, they can cause skin and hair problems like dryness, damaged hair, color changes, and rashes. The Smooth Filtered Shower Head, designed to safeguard your health by filtering out chlorine, heavy metals, and other contaminants to improve your skin hair and overall health.

Shipping & Returns

Smooth is a proud American company but we are shipping Worldwide. We're excited to bring our products to you, wherever you are.

  • United States: 5-9 Business days
  • Australia: 4-10 Business days
  • New Zealand: 4-10 Business days
  • Canada - 5-10 business days
  • Europe - 6-10 business days
  • Other countries - 8-15 business days

Refunds & Exchanges

Our policy allows for refunds and exchanges to be processed within 60 days after your purchase, completely free of charge. For more details, kindly refer to our comprehensive Returns & Refunds Policy.

What's included

Get ready for the simplest installation ever! Inside your Smooth package, you'll find:

- 1 Smooth Filtered Showerhead ( 5.3' diameter, 4.6' long, Universal fit: fits all showers)
- 1 Smooth Pre-installed Replacement Filter (for your convenience!)
- 1 Smooth Roll of Plumber's Tape
- 1 Smooth Easy-to-Follow “How-To Install” Guide, plus a QR code linking to our video tutorial

- A Personal Letter from Us to You because you're awesome and we appreciate you!

Imagine achieving your best skin and hair. That's the commitment we make with Smooth. Give it a try, and if for any reason you're not completely in love with it – though we're confident you will be – you have a full 60 days to return it for a complete refund.

Purest Water Filtration

Our filtration system is crafted to be top-notch. Featuring a unique mix of KDF-55 and Calcium Sulfite, our filter offers:

- Performance that surpasses NSF-177 certification standards
- Validation through extensive third-party lab testing
- A clog-free experience without pressure reduction
- The highest amount of KDF-55 compared to any other shower filter on the market.

We recommend replacing your filter every 3 months.

Smooth promises to transform your skin and hair for the better. Experience the Smooth difference, and if it doesn't meet your expectations – though we're confident it will – you have the option to return it within 60 days for a full refund.

Recycle Me

We're committed to making a positive impact on our environment. Please help us by recycling your cartridges and packaging.

Paper Box: Recyclable
Aluminum Case: Reusable
Refill Cartridge: Recyclable

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Water systems often add chlorine to purify our water and ensuring it's safe to Drink. Yet, this same chlorine, along with heavy metals present in water, can be harmful on our Skin and Hair.

  • Strips natural oils from skin and hair, causing dryness and damage.
  • Leaves hair dull and can change its color.
  • Increases risk of skin problems like eczema and itchiness.
  • Damages hair's amino acids, reducing its natural strength and shine.
  • Accelerates the loss of collagen in the skin, leading to aging effects.

Smooth advanced filtration technology, featuring the revolutionary combination of KDF-55 & Calcium Sulfite, targets these issues head-on, every shower will become Nature's Purest Touch

What Customers Like You Are Saying

Customers that have seen A difference in the quality of their skin & hair... with results they can see & feel.

Rated 4.8/5 by 17,000+ Happy Customers

  • "My hair is softer and shinier, and my skin doesn't feel itchy or dry anymore. "

    "I've always struggled with sensitive skin and hair issues, but ever since I started using the Smooth Shower Head, I've noticed a remarkable difference. My hair is softer and shinier, and my skin doesn't feel itchy or dry anymore. The fact that it filters out metals and chlorine makes a world of difference. Also the showerhead pressure is way better then my old one " - Alex

  • Switching to the Smooth Showerhead was a game-changer”

    “I had no idea my previous showerhead was affecting my skin so badly. My skin feels so much better now, less dry and blemish-free. I don’t even need to think about it i just shower!. I definitely suggest Smooth to everyone." —Mika

  • "The Smooth Shower Head has been a revelation for my family's skin and hair health."

    " We live in an area with extremely hard water, and the difference since installing (which was actually Super easy) Smooth is night and day. My children's dry skin problems have vanished, and my hair feels so much healthier. It's amazing how much a good shower filter can impact your daily life. Two thumbs up for Smooth!” -Jordan

  • "The Smooth Shower Head has proved me wrong making the switch was easy and life changing"

    "My skin's redness and irritation have decreased significantly, and my hair feels less brittle. It's comforting to know that I'm showering in water that's free from harsh metals and chlorine. Would recommend it to anyone facing similar issues.” -Casey

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CHECK - Smooth


More vibrant hair and skin with our groundbreaking filtered shower head. Designed to combat the harsh effects of chlorine, metals, and other impurities, Smooth offers a one-time action solution. Say goodbye to dry skin, lifeless hair, and daily irritations. Try Smooth for a shower experience that not only cleanses but also rejuvenates.

#1 Rated Brand for Hard Water

  • My skin's redness and irritation have significantly decreased

    "After learning about harmful elements in water, I decided to try the Smooth water filter. The difference is astounding! In just a week, my skin's redness and irritation have significantly decreased. I’m committed to using this daily!" — Stephanie

  • curly_before_and_after_1 - Smooth

    My hair is noticeably less tangled and smoother

    "Having very curly and frizzy hair, I’ve always struggled with tangles. Since using the Smooth showerhead, my hair is noticeably less tangled and smoother. It's been a fantastic change!" — Kim

  • My skin is no longer dry or prone to breakouts and my hair feels more soft.

    "I never realized the impact my old showerhead had on my skin and hair until I switched to Smooth. It's been a total revelation for my beauty routine. My skin is no longer dry or prone to breakouts and my hair feels more soft. I wholeheartedly recommend Smooth to everyone." — Emma

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Smooth™ - Filtered ShowerHead For Healthier Skin & Hair - Smooth


Installing Smooth is a one-time action with lifetime benefits. Hassle-free process with lifelong benefits. Once set up, every shower nourishes your hair and skin, without a second thought. Simple, effective, transformative.

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relieve dryness and discomfort, save your skin.

  • wired-outline-1574-spa-flower - Smooth


    relieve dryness and discomfort, save your skin.

  • wired-outline-1561-comb - Smooth


    stops the the amino acids in our hair from breaking, depleting the hair's natural strength

  • wired-outline-447-water-drop - Smooth


    Reduce your water usage by a whopping 25%. And experience 2.5X water pressure than the average showerhead.

  • wired-outline-45-clock-time - Smooth


    Every shower automatically becomes a spa session for your hair and skin, with zero extra work from you.


Experience the BEST Shower with Smooth is as easy as 1-2-3, and it's loads of fun! Here's how:

  • 1N - Smooth

    Step 1 -Shower-head Swap: Say Goodbye to the Old!

    Use your hand and give your old showerhead a twist. It's time for it to take a bow!

  • 2n - Smooth

    Step 2 - Tape it Up: A Quick Wrap!

    Next, take the Smooth shower tape and wrap it around the neck 4-5 times. It's like giving your shower a little hug to prep for something great!

  • 4n - Smooth

    Step 3 - Welcome Smooth: Twist, Tighten, and Triumph!

    Finally, twist on your new Smooth Filtered Showerhead – righty-tighty does the trick! A quick tighten with your Smooth wrench, and voilà, you've just upgraded to a premium shower experience! 🚿✨

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That's it! Simple, fun, and utterly rewarding. Welcome to a whole new world of showers!

Also: you will get the printed tutorial in your package plus


We love our Smooth Filtered shower-head and are confident you will too! That’s why we’re offering a 60-Day, Risk-Free Trial. Feel free to luxuriate in your Smooth showers for two whole months. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll gladly issue a full refund in accordance with our Return & Refund Policy.

So go ahead, give Smooth a try and Experience the Purest Shower with Smooth.

What Makes Smooth™ Special

Find out why you should choose Smooth instead of other shower-heads and filters.

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While most filters on the market rely on outdated carbon systems, we've leapfrogged to the forefront with our state-of-the-art filtration media. This isn't just a showerhead; it's a wellness tool. Designed to exceed water filtration standards, the Smooth Shower Head has been rigorously tested by third-party labs to ensure it delivers the purest water.


How does tap water harm my skin?

Facial skin is extra delicate compared to skin on other parts of your body. Think of your skin barrier as a guard against external harm. However, tap water contains elements that can weaken this barrier, resulting in:

- Dry and Damaged Skin: Tap water often strips essential oils from your skin, leaving it parched and harmed.
- Skin Irritation: This water can also irritate your skin, leading to sensitivity and redness.
- Premature Aging: Chemicals present in tap water can hasten the aging process, contributing to wrinkles and fine lines.

How does tap water harm my hair?

Hair is particularly vulnerable to the harsh effects of hard water. The minerals and elements in tap water can compromise your hair's health, leading to several issues:

- Dry and Brittle Hair: Hard water can strip away natural moisture and oils from your hair, leaving it dry and brittle.
- Weakened Hair Strands: Continuous exposure to hard water can weaken your hair strands, making them prone to breakage and thinning.
- Dullness and Faded Color: Minerals in hard water can build up on your hair, causing it to lose its shine and color, and can even affect dyed hair, making the color fade faster.

What does it filter in the water

The Smooth water filter employs a combination of physical and chemical filtration methods to eliminate elements commonly found in "hard" tap water, such as calcium, magnesium, and chlorine, which are known to irritate the skin.

What skin & hair types can benefit from Smooth?

Suitable for all skin and hair types!

Particularly beneficial for those with sensitive skin, signs of premature aging, dryness, acn.

As well as for every hair texture, from straight to curly, and fine to thick.

Where can I buy replacement filters?

You can buy replacement filters on our website for three months of fresh, purified water. For added convenience, we also provide subscription options to make your experience easier and more seamless.

How often do I need to replace my filter?

To keep your skin and hair in top condition, it's important to replace your Smooth Showerhead filter every three months with regular use.

After this period, the filter's effectiveness begins to diminish. Since we all shower daily, regularly updating your filter is key to maintaining the health and appearance of your skin and hair.

Will it fit my shower?

The Smooth Filtered Showerhead is built to be universal! It’s compatible with almost every Showerhead.

What’s the difference between ‘hard water’ and ‘soft water’?

Hard water is rich in dissolved minerals, particularly calcium and magnesium. In contrast, soft water has undergone treatment, leaving sodium as the primary ion. Originally, rainwater is soft, but as it travels through soil and waterways, it accumulates minerals like chalk, lime, calcium, and magnesium, turning into hard water.

This type of water is often responsible for spotted dishes, dull-looking clothes, and residue in bathrooms. Furthermore, the effectiveness of soap and cleansers diminishes with hard water. This is due to its interaction with calcium and magnesium, which reduces the soap's ability to lather, leaving hair feeling sticky and appearing lackluster.

Smooth™ - Filtered ShowerHead For Healthier Skin & Hair - Smooth

Nature's Purest Touch with Every Shower!

At Smooth We’re not just selling a shower head; we’re offering a path to a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. With SMOOTH, your daily shower becomes a sanctuary of wellness and a step towards a greener world.